A bridge to independence?

It has been interesting to watch all the excitement building ahead of the launch of the new Queensferry Crossing. The bridge is remarkable in every way, a feat of engineering excellence that will stand the test of time and speak to all that is the best that our country can achieve. That it was a […]

#SNPbecause day

Today, the day before the General Election, is #SNPBecause day. I’m looking forward to reading and watching the reasons that many people will give why they are members of the SNP. I have been a member for over twenty years and I joined because I held then, as I hold now, the firm and unwavering […]

Divergence not division

It hasn’t even been a day since Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention that there should be a new referendum on Scotland’s independence and we are already seeing the usual suspects trotting out their tired old lines about division and divisiveness. The people who tended to think of the first independence referendum in those terms were […]

This is how we win…

One of my favourite things about the independence referendum was the amount of really decent and invigorating conversations with no voters who decided to engage on the doorsteps. It is important to find out what drives someone’s point of view, what has brought them to the point where they are willing to cast their vote […]

Firing the starting pistol…

The comments by Sadiq Khan (which were toned down in his Labour Conference speech but widely reported in the media nonetheless) show that the campaign for the new independence referendum has started in earnest and independence supporters are going to face even worse lies and smears than in 2014. Make no mistake, this wasn’t bad […]

The Brexit delusion…

It wasn’t by chance that Theresa May’s speech today was in front of carefully selected members of the international diplomatic corps. She wanted a relatively sombre crowd of suited and booted, serious looking individuals to lend credibility and gravitas to a situation sadly lacking in both. As the Prime Minister outlined the true meaning of […]

Independence or bust…

I’ve always known and feared that a day like this would come, when the Government of the UK abandoned all pretence of decency and showed the ugly, snarling face beneath the mask. I’ve always known it was there, layered away, momentarily dormant but virulent in potential, ready to burst forth like a fever from the […]