The upshot of Theresa May’s conference speech…

I hope that people are beginning to conduct opinion polls along the lines of “Which would you prefer, an independent Scotland or direct London rule?” as this is the ultimate upshot of Theresa May’s conference speech today.

It may have been couched in slightly more benevolent terms but make no mistake, this is now the direction of travel if there is a second No vote to independence. May spent a large part of her speech talking about devolved issues which are not currently the remit of the UK Government she leads. It is plain to see that her talk of co-operation on these matters in the future is actually likely to take the form of a power grab, stripping powers from Holyrood.

I believe that within ten years of the next referendum, should we lose, there will be no Scottish Parliament left. With the stick of independence that had kept them at bay snapped in half and splintered on the ground, the Tory bullies will seize the opportunity to put the boot into Scotland in a way that hasn’t been seen for a generation, since the brutality of the miner’s strikes under Thatcher.

The Tories resent everything that the Scottish Government has achieved because it shows that there is a better way than theirs. It shows up their greed and money-grubbing sell-offs of public sector health services to companies that put profit before people. In order for their free-market vision to thrive, they can’t afford to abide such a positive alternative in a Scotland that is part of the UK.

It’s time to get serious as this time it is all-in. We gain all the powers or end up back at square one with nothing to show for it but the bruises inflicted by a ruthless Tory government, hell bent on ripping our dreams of a better country from our grasp and trampling them underfoot.

Don’t look back and wonder if you could have changed things for the better. Get involved now and know that the power to change our country is in your hands.

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